Unix Quick Guide 2009

Unix Quick Guide 2009: A comprehensive Unix guide for everyone using Unix Unix operating systems, this Unix quick guide covers all daily used Unix features and options, provides quick tips and solutions for common Unix security problems and other operations. A comprehensive yet portable Unix reference for every Unix user to harness the power of Unix features, functions and tools. Unix operating system architecture. Historic chart of Unix distributions and popular shells deployed in Unix systems. Unix file system structure

Data Recovery Unix 4.01: Perform flawless data recovery Unix with Kernel for Unix repair
Data Recovery Unix 4.01

UNIX files and folders using flawless UNIX recovery software. the software supports all versions of Unix file systems (UFS) for data recovery unix and can be easily installed on computers with operating system Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and 98. Download the free evaluation version of Unix data recovery software that allows you to recover the data from Unix based file systems including HTFS, EAFS and BSD. But to save the entire recovered data

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Unix2Dos 1.1: Batch utility that converts Unix text file line endings to Dos.
Unix2Dos 1.1

Unix2Dos converts Unix text file line endings to Dos line endings in batch fashion. Unix2Dos is superior to the built in unix command that is incapable of processing more than 10000 or so files without running out of command space. Written to fill a need for a Windows-based program to modify line-endings on large numbers of text files after they have undergone OCR processig on Unix systems.

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Unix Poster 2009: A comprehensive Unix reference for everyone learning and using Unix
Unix Poster 2009

Unix like OS is also included. * A comprehensive reference chart on Unix and Unix-like (such as Linux) operating systems. * An easy to use training tool for computer students to get an overall picture of Unix OS architecture and historic development. * Illustration of Unix-like (including Linux) operating system framework and kernel architectre. * Main distributions of Unix-like OS and their development timelines. * Popular Unix shells and filesystem

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Kernel Unix Data Recovery Software 4.01: Kernel Unix data recovery software is a Unix hard drive data recovery tool
Kernel Unix Data Recovery Software 4.01

Unix data recovery software is technically advanced software to recover data from the deleted partitions, files and folders, VTOC corruptions, Super block or inode table corruptions, corrupt root directories or improper system shutdowns. The Key features of the Unix software range makes the software differentiated from its prospective competitors. The Kernel software range for Unix scans the hard drive for missing volumes, verifies integrity of corrupt

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L-Nix 1.20a: Interactive UNIX tutorial program that teaches concepts of f the UNIX OS.
L-Nix 1.20a

UNIX tutorial program that teaches beginner to advanced concepts of the UNIX operating system. L-nix includes a simple UNIX shell simulator allowing users to try out commands as they are learned. The L-Nix demo contains 10 modules:Introduction of UNIX, File characteristics, Korn shell customization, Processes and linking, Command substitutions, Finding files, and more. The Registered version of L-nix provides nine additional modules: UNIX and Files

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Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX Data Recovery 1.0: Stellar Phoenix HP-UX is data recovery software for JFS 3.1, 3.3 (VxFS)
Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX Data Recovery 1.0

Stellar Phoenix HP Unix is data recovery software that allows you to recover lost data from the JFS (VxFS) file system of the HP-UNIX Operating System. Data loss in HP-UX is typically caused by corrupt Super Blocks, damaged Inode structures, corrupt LVM, errors in Cylinder groups, and damaged OLT (Object Location Tables). In most of these cases, the FSCK is not able to repair the damaged file structure and data appears to be permanently lost.

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